Frequently Asked Questions

Oasis Resort
Yes, we have our own private riverbank access.

River Rock Cabins
Our cabins are a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Frio River… and now have access to Oasis’ private riverbank area. We recommend bringing a wagon to hold all your stuff to take down to the river.  You also have access to Oasis’ private riverbank.

Bent River 
Yes, we have our own private riverbank access.  You must be able to climb stairs to access the water.

Check-in is 3:00pm and Check-out is 11:00am.

AT&T is one of the only mobile/cellular service that works well in Concan.  If you must have cell service, please check with your carrier before arriving.

Oasis Resort / River Rock Cabins/Bent River/Lonestar/Frio Acres
Yes, all of our cabins have WiFi available in them.

The signal strength is only adequate for checking email and basic web surfing. It is not strong enough to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or any other streaming content if there are several guests renting cabins. Most online streaming services permit you to download content to your mobile device(s) for offline viewing/streaming if you have a paid subscription to their service. If you’d like to Netflix-and-chill or DJ a Spotify playlist you’re proud of, we recommend downloading content before your arrival. Here are a few official help articles on how to do so for: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Premium, and Spotify.

Dogs are allowed at all of our properties.  2 dog max per rental.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and must be with their owner at all times when outdoors. A nonrefundable dog fee of $100 per stay is required. The dog fee is due when Final Payment is made. Rules regarding dogs are as follows:

  • All dogs shall be walked outside and please pick up after their waste;
  • Dogs should not be allowed on any furniture, including beds;
  • Dog owners will be responsible for paying for any damage caused by their pet or an additional cleaning fee may be charged, at the sole discretion of River Rock Cabins, if the cabin is left excessively dirty.

We stock each cabin with 1 roll of paper towels, coffee filters, dish soap, hand soap for each bathroom, 1 roll of toilet paper per bathroom, trash bags, comforters, pillows, and mattress pads.  Please see our What To Bring tab for an example list.

Oasis Resort
Parking is limited at the cabins. Park on driveways only.  DO NOT park any type of vehicle on grass/dirt.

River Rock Cabins
Parking is limited at the cabins.  For Cabin #4 and #5, limit 2 vehicles.

If you have a trailer, this is equivalent to a vehicle. Please keep your trailer’s size to a minimum.

Not anymore… But we also advise for you to plan ahead and shop before you arrive.

No, glass bottles are not allowed on the Frio River or at the cabin(s) or pool area.

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